XDC 2020 | Status of freedesktop.org gitlab/cloud hosting


In this talk, we will peek behind the curtain of the freedesktop.org infrastructure, its costs and how we attempted to reduce those.

At the end of 2019 we realized that our gitlab hosting on GCE was costing us more than expected. So we analyzed the costs and developed countermeasures to reduce those costs. This talk will explain the various analysis steps, the measures we took and future measures we are contemplating.

This talk doesn’t require any technical knowledge of the various technologies in use. However, we will definitely talk about kubernetes, ingress, egress, cloud, storage, CI, and other insanities, but we will always try to explain those terms to have the widest audience possible. The purpose is to disclose how we spend money, why, and what we are doing or will be doing to reduce that bill.



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