What is managed WordPress hosting?


Managed WordPress hosting has a lot of benefits compared to the shared hosting plans you may be used to. For one, it’s optimized specifically for WordPress. From the way the servers are structured to the people they hire for support, you can trust that a managed WordPress host is truly an expert on your site’s CMS, WordPress!

If you’re interested in learning more about managed WordPress hosting and why you should make the switch from shared hosting, check out this article:

Curious about managed WordPress hosting with Flywheel? Click here:



Flywheel helps creatives do their best work through a series of well-designed products and resources, including its namesake product, a delightful managed WordPress hosting platform, and Local, a fuss-free local development application. The company is laser-focused on crafting sleek and simple tools that allow users to quickly build, launch, and manage their WordPress sites. From small agencies to giant clients, Flywheel products have helped over 200,000 people scale their business on the WordPress platform.



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