The absolutely SHOCKING wordpress hosting plans & pricing you must learn about 😱


Get familiar with WordPress hosting plans with our new video that will explain it all. Want the best deal? Try the best WordPress hosting plan with the ➡️ 14-day free trial at 10Web ➡️

Ever wondered what is included in the pricing package of the WordPress hosting providers? Are you confused which hosting service to choose? If so, this video is just for you. Here we will go through various WordPress hosting plans and will explain what exactly each of them include. Here is what you’ll get with our WordPress hosting plans analysis:

00:00 WordPress hosting plans & pricing
00:52 ✅Short about 4 different WordPress hosting plans and providers
01:06 ✅How Shared hosting plans and pricings are done
01:40 ✅How Managed hosting plans and pricings are done
06:39 ✅How VPS hosting plans and pricings are done
07:11 ✅How Dedicated hosting plans and pricings are done

There are four different types of website hosting and choosing the best one depends on what your goals are. While shared hosting was considered to be the cheapest option, in our guide we’ve shown that managed WP hostings, such as 10Web, provide similar pricing, but at the same time give you way better services.

On the other hand you have higher prices with VPS hosting and Dedicated ones, but they also give you more control over your website. However, it also means more responsibility as in this case you need to manage your website all by yourself, and it certainly is not a beginner-friendly option.

So, think what you really expect from your hosting, go over our pricing comparison and make the right choice for your website!

And if you decide to go with the managed WordPress hosting plan, try our ➡️ 14-day free trial at 10Web ➡️

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