rFactor2 Dedicated server setup


24th July 2020
Ive added a card at 13 minutes to a short video on how to create multiple server desktop shortcuts.
You need to add a parameter to each shortcut.
Thanks to @J B for pointing that out.

Video on how to setup an rfactor2 dedicated server and create “mod” package files
Also how to setup presaved real road settings

Apologies for some of the sound quality

Using Mod Manager to manage your content 3:27
Creating a mod package for your server 5:10
Starting up and setting up the server 7:53
Adding an additional dedicated server instance 13:07
Configuring server to allow content downloading 14:43
rF2 Log Analyser basics 17:07
Adding a new real road state to your dedicated server 20:12

I have just added a second short video on how to set the server up to allow hosting of DLC



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