lesson 8 | VPS Server | what is VPS?


In the name of Allah the gracious the merciful
Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you,
In this lesson, I’ll explain the subsequent points:-
| What is the VPS Server? | How does any server introduce VPS service? | VPS server most popular application types | In practical | How to install the VPS Server | Creating a VPS and tuning its settings| Also this lesson will contain the following information:- |
Also, this video deals with the following terms:-
Virtual Servers | Virtualization | VPS server means | VPS server types | VPS server windows | VPS server Linux | VirtualBox learning |
virtualization environment | system virtualization | VirtualBox Settings | Creating a VPS | Virtual private server | How to make a VPS |VPS server tutorial | virtual box and hyper-v | vps server,vps server hosting,vps server configuration,best vps server,create vps server,cheap vps server,create vps server free,vps server download,vps server demo,vps server free download,vps server free windows,get free vps server,how to vps server,vps server ip address,vps server linux,vps server login,vps server means,vps server management,vps server name,vps server setup,vps server setup tutorial,vps server tutorial,vps server uses,vps server windows,vps server windows free,what is vps server,what is vps server hosting,vps server youtube, vps,vps hosting,vps connect,vps demo,vps example,vps install,vps linux,vps launch,vps new,vps review,vps system,vps technology,vps windows, virtualbox install,virtualbox download,virtualbox copy files from host to guest,virtualbox clipboard sharing,virtualbox for linux,virtualbox for windows 7,virtualbox guide,virtualbox how to,virtualbox how to increase disk size,virtualbox hard drive,virtualbox increase disk size,virtualbox in linux,virtualbox introduction,virtualbox network,virtualbox performance,virtualbox problem,virtualbox quick start guide,virtualbox resize disk,virtualbox ram,virtualbox server,virtualbox terminal,virtualbox uses,virtualbox video,hyper v virtualbox,virtualbox youtube,windows 2 virtualbox,win 7 virtualbox,install win 7 virtualbox.
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