Introduction to Cloud Computing, Cloud Hosting and Cloud Virtualization Computing – Class 101


👍Cloud for Dummies:

What are these How can I go to the cloud, what really cloud is, you will be thinking so you mean we are going to get wet in the cloud because all the water from sky come from the cloud , the answer No AND No. Microsoft Office 365 is an example of Cloud Computing.

Lets Understand the Cloud Computing in the most easiest way ever possible, when you feel hungry you need more food but when you are not than you need not, that is the basic concept of Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing basically is a server which need to be feed but manually but human feed him self automatically , he know how much he can eat or not, this is automation processes of the human body which you can compare to Cloud Computing which is nearly a automated process but not fully automatic because you need some supervison on it same as you need on your belly,is your belly fully or not.

So lets get serious now , in a traditional data center it has always has been possible to add and release resources. However this process couldn’t be done in an automated or self service mode in where the Cloud Hosting which is the part of Cloud Computing come to fill in the gap which was left empty for years basically Cloud Computing use the service form Hardware and Software resources delivered by network.
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