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How to Setup Zoho Mail domain verification with cPanel Web Hosting?

What is Zoho Mail?

Zoho mail is one of the Ssas email platform services, is designed for small to medium businesses and. Zoho mail is very easy to use and to be configured.

All you have to do is just sign up here you can start using Zoho mail service. One thing that we like from Zoho mail is that Zoho mail can be configured to use our custom domain name.

Even with a free version, you can also set your mail with yeah it’s free
Zoho Mail Suite – Custom email for your domain

Step 1: Signup with Zoho Email
You can even try their free plan, test it and then upgrade later. The below

Step 2: Add Domain and Verification in Zoho
In this step, you’ll need to add and verify the domain you want to set up the email hosting for. The verification process is required to ensure that you have Administrator privileges for the domain and are entitled to set up and use the domain with Zoho services.

cPanel – Add TXT Records for Verification OR use HTML method OR CNAME method.

Step 3: Configure the MX records of your domain to point to Zoho Mail Servers, to start receiving emails to your domain accounts in Zoho. If your domain’s DNS is hosted with cPanel Web Hosting, update the MX
records of the domain-based

Step 4: Add users and Create Email Accounts
After your domain is verified, add or import users and create their mail accounts. Set up groups for common accounts that are used by more than one user.
Once your domain has been verified, you can set up user mail accounts by clicking ‘Add users’ or ‘Import users’ from the Control Panel.

Step 5: Zoho Email User access and start receiving emails
Once your domain has been verified using either the CNAME/ TXT or HTML methods, the email hosting for the domain will be enabled automatically.

Step 5: Email Migration
If you need to migrate all mail from your previous email provider you can click β€œProceed to migrate” button, But I will skip this process.

Step 7:
We skip this process.
Congratulation, now you know how to integrate your domain name to Zoho mail.

We are sure that the above video will be helpful to set up Zoho mail on your domain. If you find this video useful, please leave as the message in the comment box below.



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