How to setup Insurgency Sandstorm Dedicated Server with cmd batch file (v1.9.1)


Insurgency: Sandstorm dedicated server setup cmd batch file:

Update 20200211: inside startinsurgencyserver.cmd -GSLTToken no longer working need to change to -GameStatsToken
can refer to this guide on how to get token (Enabling Stats)

Updated startinsurgencyserver.cmd sample:
InsurgencyServer.exe PowerPlant?Scenario=”Scenario_PowerPlant_Checkpoint_Insurgents”?Game=CheckpointHardcore?MaxPlayers=6?mutators=WelcomeMessage,JoinLeaveMessage,ImprovedAI,MoreAmmo -Port=27102 -QueryPort=27131 -log -GameStats -GameStatsToken=yourtokenputhere -hostname=”Insurgency: Sandstorm | TESTING SERVER” -MapCycle=MapCycle.txt -Mods -Rcon -RconPassword=yourpassword -RconListenPort=27015

This video just to demonstrate steps to setup the server using the batch file above, if you want more step by step guide on setting up dedicated server can refer to my old video:

If you have any question regarding setting up Insurgency: Sandstorm dedicated server, feel free to drop me message in my discord server, I will reply as soon as possible when I online.

Discord server invite link:

Thanks for watching!



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