How To Setup A Dedicated Server In Automobilista 2! – AMS 2 Guide


Recently Reiza released the Dedicated-Server-Tool for Automobilista 2. However, as configuring it is rather difficult and complex in the beginning, you can watch this video in order to understand how to set up the server properly and how the configuration in itself works.

The video is split into two or rather three parts where
1) Covers how to get the server to run one single track over and over again
2) Shows how you can configure an autmatic track-, car- and settings-rotation
3) Highlights a way to manually search through the HTTPapi to find out about all possible flags for the config file

1: 00:00
2: 05:41
3: 12:35

If you enjoyed the video and maybe could take something out of it for your very own simracing journey, feel free to leave a like or a comment!

Constructive criticism is always appreciated!

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Link to the file containing all flags and values for your config-file




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