How to setup a dedicated server for Empyrion: Galactic Survival (Alpha)


Hey everyone! We’ve got the semi-long awaited Version 2 of the “How to Setup a Dedicated Server for Empyrion” video for the Alpha version of the game!

A few points I’d like to stress in the comments as well as in the video:

1. Formatting is super important!!! Make sure there are 4 spaces between the left-most side of the config file, and the “srv_xxxxxx ” arguments. It will crash your server-client on startup if you don’t have the formatting right.

2. If you don’t see your server on the server selection screen, it is likely you’re experiencing a firewall issue which is preventing the internet from seeing your server; you’ll need to look up how to port-forward for your specific router, or look into your windows firewall to make sure things aren’t being blocked.

3. If the dedicated server client is closing as soon as you try to start it, there’s something wrong with your configuration file. Make sure you’re pointing to the right file in the command script that you run, and make sure your formatting in the config file is also correct. I ran into a lot of issues with this myself until I figured out what the cause was with the spacing.

Finally, if anyone wanted to use the tools that I used when I setup both servers of mine, I used the wiki and a steam forum, links provided below:

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