How To Point Your NameCheap Domain Name To Your HostGator Hosting Plan | V5


In this video: pointing your domain nameservers (DNS) to your host, adding a second domain as an Addon Domain, and redirecting one domain to another.

►How do you get the Domain Name to Point to your Hosting Account so that visitors can find your website?
►What if you purchased more than one domain name and you want to have another domain name added to the same hosting plan? and
►How can you set up a domain name to automatically redirect to another domain?

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(Jump to specific parts of this video):
1:52 Log into NameCheap
2:09 How to download your own Web Presence Password Tracker – for free
3:12 Where to find your DNS nameservers
5:47 Adding a second domain name to your hosting plan: Addon Domain
9:10 Redirecting one domain name to another domain name: Redirection
13:12 Verifying that your domain name properly points to your hosting
14:18 Verifying if your redirection works properly
14:37 Summary


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