How to make a Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server


2018/08/12 Add me if you need help:
I know this video is poorly made, but feel free to add me if you have any questions or need help.

UPDATE 2015/05/05: If you’re unable for your friends to connect to your server or if you’re not getting the STEAMUID message at the end. If your router does have a DMZ option, make sure to enable it for your computers IP adress, this is very crucial, for older routers it might be UpNp. Otherwise, make sure to look over your portforwarding and make sure that the ports for BOTH TCP and UDP are portforwarded and don’t portforward with programs, do it directly from your router webpage(ex And also check that the server is allowed through your firewall.
UPDATE 2015/04/24: Started my server today, and it didn’t work.They released an update on the servrers 24th april. You need to go in to SteamCMD and use the correct force_install_dir to your folder and login anonymous and then app_update 232130 and then it will work again. Thank you
EDIT: If your public IP does not work in the in your browser, try using your local IP(localhost:8080) and it should be working for your friends to join and you to access your webadminpage if you’ve followed all the steps in the video.
I’m sorry for the breathing mic, hope you can hear anyways! I helped one person contacting me on steam and she had the same problem, her server doesn’t work with the public IP but it works with her private IP(192.168.0.X:8080) So I think it’s router related and it varies depending on your router and firmware. So yes, do try your localhost if your public IP does not work if this is the case your server won’t show up in the browse server list but you can just join it and invite your friends and it will work.
Portforward Guide:

SteamCMD Proper Files:


Tripwire’s Dedicated Server Guide:

Check your public IP:

I made this guide because I saw none else out here on youtube and the only ones who were available didn’t work for me and it didn’t show me in-depth how to actually make the server which I know some prefer to actually see someone set it up.
Killing Floor 2 is an awesome game and it is indeed in early access so it’s probably going to change the way the servers are being handled right now so that you won’t need a dedicated server in the future, but until then this is the best we can get! I hope this guide helps you out, thanks.



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