How to Install WordPress on or Hosting in Hindi | Full Domain and Hosting Set up


Hi Friends, I’m Rajdeep Mishra. In this video you will learn, how to Install WordPress in your hosting of 1& (one and one). If you want to create a website or blog using WordPress then this video is for you. I have purchased domain and hosting from www.1& that is changed now into in a cheap price and in this video I’m showing you how to set up domain and hosting of one and one dot com by installing WordPress. Watch this video till end to understand this better.
Topic Discovered:
What is wordpress in Hindi?
How to install wordpress on Hosting?
How to install wordpress in Hosting?
How to set domain and hosting of 1&
How to set domain and hosting of
How to set up a domain and web hosting in one and one?
How to connect domain name with web hosting in Hindi?
How to install wordpress website with 1and1 hosting?

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