How to Host a Website | Step by Step Web Hosting Tutorial 2015


Hi everyone ! In this video I will show you how to Host a Website from scratch because this tutorial is on Web Hosting that’s why i will not show you How to create a website.
I am assuming that you know how to create website and don’t know how Web Hosting Stuff works and want to know how to Host Website.
In this Video i will show you how to test your website on your own system before uploading it to your server, than we will more on and Register Paid and free Domain name.

this is Complete outline of this video !

1-Testing Website on Local System
2-Installing FileZilla
3-Picking up good domain name
4-CPanel And Custom Control Panel
5-Registering Free and Paid domain Name
6-Domain Mapping
7-FTP Accounts
8-Email Addresses
9-Sub Domain Names
10-Hot Link Protection
11-Password Protected Directories
13-Installing WordPress

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