How to Change the WordPress Password | Reset WordPress User Passwords | WordPress Admin Dashboard


Learn how to change the WordPress password through a password reset link or through the administrator dashboard. You will learn what to expect when a request for a password change is made, as well as the process of making a password change in the administrator dashboard.

00:00 Introduction animation
00:09 Introduction to the different ways to change the password
00:45 How to get a password change email
00:57 Where to access the WordPress login screen
01:22 Locating the “Lost Password” link
01:35 Send a password change link in the Admin Dashboard
02:00 Example of email sent with password change link
02:05 How to change the password in the Admin Dashboard
02:41 Conclusion

► To learn more about logging into the WordPress dashboard, please visit:

► You can also find out more on how to use WordPress with our Educational Channel:

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