How to buy best web hosting for WordPress | Learn Skills and Earn Money | make money online


How to buy best web hosting for WordPress | Learn Skills and Earn Money | make money online

You can find the best web hosting after watching this video.

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Provider for You :

Choosing a hosting provider is a big step because your website will rely on and be restrained by the host’s servers and service. Several factors can be evaluated and compared when choosing a host, including all of the following:

Reliability – Your host should guarantee at least 99.9 percent website uptime, and pages should load quickly on all browsers.

Ease of use – It should be a simple process to remotely access your website through a major control panel application.

Customer support – Your host should be available to answer your questions and solve problems 24 hours per day via multiple channels, such as phone, email and online chat.

Hosting packages – A package should be available that closely matches your specific requirements.

Price – The price of can vary widely between different platforms. When determining which company is right for you, you will need to consider the features you require and your budget. Most provide useful comparison tools that allow you to quickly evaluate each package that is offered. Some of the common packages are explained below:

Shared hosting – Is the lowest tier available, but for many users, it is all that is needed. In this package, a single server is partitioned for use by several clients who share the server’s resources as they are needed. This type is the least secure and the least reliable, but it is also very affordable.

E-commerce hosting – Is a specialized package developed for those who plan to conduct sales through a WordPress website. It includes several features, such as an electronic shopping cart and credit card processing.

VPS hosting – A virtual private server (VPS) is a shared server that has had its resources fully partitioned for two or more clients. This ensures that a pre-established amount of resources is always available for your use, and no crossover occurs between clients. VPS hosting is best for businesses, websites that experience heavy traffic and websites that require unique software installations.

Dedicated hosting – Dedicated hosting is on the top tier of packages. With this package, you lease an entire server for your own use. The server may be managed by your own IT team, or it may be managed by the provider for an additional fee. This type is the most expensive, but it also offers the most flexibility.

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