Host Foundry in the Cloud EASILY with the Forge


There’s a lot of benefits to hosting your game in the cloud. It alleviates issues with low bandwidth when the person hosting the game doesn’t have to upload scenes, music, tokens, and tiles to everyone in the game. On top of that there’s no fussing with port forwarding, antivirus issues, and all the other things that make self-hosting a pain. But hosting is hard especially if you’ve never done it before. If that’s you then a Foundry host is the answer and the Forge is a good pick.

You can check out the Forge at I am not a part of the Forge, I am not paid by them, and I paid for my own account there for this testing. The Forge’s Discord server is available here (and also covers Kakaroto’s other modules):

00:00:00 – Why host in the cloud
00:00:30 – Hosting options
00:01:02 – Not a shill alert
00:01:18 – Who makes the Forge?
00:01:35 – Important details
00:03:13 – Plan features/details
00:03:58 – How much storage do you need?
00:05:56 – Buying extra storage
00:06:15 – Upcoming features
00:07:34 – Sign up and initial set up
00:08:50 – Setting up your game
00:09:51 – Useful game tools
00:10:22 – Importing our local worlds
00:11:39 – The asset library
00:13:13 – What’s next



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