Google’s Best Tips For UX & Web Design 2019


    What is UX design? What do UX designers do? What are web design trends in 2019? What do UX designers at Google actually do? Google designers Ryan Warrender and Mustafa Kurtuldu join us in a conversation about UX, Web Design, and Data.

    0:20 – Introduction of Ryan and Mustafa
    1:50 – Show agenda
    2:50 – The role of Google designers
    03:00 – Ryan’s Background
    8:40 – What is Google Material Design?
    09:00 – Mustafa’s Background
    12:30 –What is the difference between Web Design and User Experience Design?
    13:00 – Material Design
    15:45 – What makes for a good UX Designer?
    16:15 – What do you put into a UX portfolio?
    20:00 – What’re the typical deliverables for a UX/UI designer?
    23:00 – The CTA form should be at the top, you don’t want to lose your audience
    27:00 – How to summarize UX research, findings etc
    28:11 – Get stakeholder buy-in during the process
    29:00 – Web Design Trends 2019
    32:00 – Perceived load speed increase, why it’s important
    35:00 – Have empathy for 1st time users
    36:10 – Well crafted copywriting
    37:00 – Make things easy to read
    38:00 – Why you should set a performance budget
    40:00 – Be Helpful
    42:00 – 3 questions to ask yourself
    44:20 – Progressive Web App (PWA)
    47:00 – Why are mobile experiences better?
    53:00 – How to not lose users
    55:30 – Q&A on User Data, UX Process, and Getting started in UX
    1:03:00 – Show Recap

    Ryan Warrender is a Product Partnerships Manager at Google and former Mobile UX lead. Ryan currently is involved with supporting companies around the world in crafting better user experiences with AMP, Progressive Web Apps, and the newest modern web technologies. He has over eight years experience working as a UX Designer. Outside of his core role he volunteers for Google for Startups and is an active jury member of 2 prominent web-based awards (Awwwards & Webby Awards).

    Mustafa Kurtuldu is a Design Senior Advocate at Google, which involves supporting designers worldwide create wonderful user experiences with Material Design, Progressive Web Apps and Google Design Sprints. He has over nineteen years experience working as a UX Designer across multiple sectors including publishing, charities, central Government, education and finance, with a variety of organizations including News International, Middlesex University, The Metro Newspaper, Times London, BBC/Arts Council of England & Macmillan Publishing.

    Resources: – PWA ebook – Improving site speed – Skillshare Course – YouTube Series – Build AMP Websites – Spotify Show – Better UX

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    Host– Chris Do
    Content Director– Matthew Encina
    Cinematography– Aaron Szekely, Mark Contreras, Ricky Lucas
    Live Editor– Jona Garcia
    Editor– Ricky Lucas
    Social Team: Elle Money, Alex Burlui
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