Godot Multiplayer Tutorial – How to Make a Server Map | Godot Dedicated Server #17


In this Godot Multiplayer Tutorial, I will teach you how to make a server map. A server map should be light. Preferably only consist of collision data. By making our server maps light in Godot we get a smaller footprint and more performance out of our server and Godot Multiplayer Games.

In the next Godot Multiplayer Tutorial, we will explore how to make a server map functional; work on the collision detections and resulting calculations.

0:00 Intro
0:49 Making the Server Map
3:30 Loading the Map onto the Server
6:21 Reducing the Ice Spear and Werebear
9:36 Spawning Projectiles on Server
14:37 Spawning Enemies on Server
16:21 Demonstration
18:03 Fixing the Time Step
19:31 Outro

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