Free WordPress Hosting Tutorial (With SSL) – InfinityFree Setup Tutorial


You’ll learn to get started with WordPress totally free. In this tutorial you’ll learn to use InfinityFree to get free web hosting, then you will learn to install and setup WordPress.

In part 2 of the video (Skip to part two here: @14:55) You’ll learn how to add your own domain name to your InfinityFree hosting. This will allow you to use your own .com .net or anything you want. You can even try using a free domain from too!

Finally, this method allows you to use a free Cloudflare account to add SSL security to InfinityFree – this is a must to learn!

Once you have your WordPress installed, there are lots of great things you can do to make an awesome website, check out the playlist for a complete beginner course here:

Free hosting is great for learning, but once you begin any serious project, you should look at getting some reliable and fast hosting, .e.g



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