Free Amazon EC2 VPS for 1 year | How to setup Amazon AWS VPS Free | Amazon EC2 Tutorial (Hindi)


Free Amazon EC2 setup for 1 year, Complete Amazon AWS Tutorial for beginners in Hindi and Free AWS VPS server for 1 year is main topics of this video by Rupi Technology. Amazon Web Service i.e. AWS is one of the best cloud hosting and VPS provider in the world. Although people thing that Amazon AWS VPS is tough to configure and setup which is true to some extent, but I will make AWS VPS server easy to setup and install through this video. So if you want to learn how to setup Amazon AWS VPS and Amazon EC2 setup and installation, this video is for you. This video also tells you about how to get Free VPS server for 1 year. Following are the main topics which we are going to cover in this video:
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So please watch this video complete to understand all these above mentioned topics which are covered in this video.
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