[FARMING SIMULATOR 19] HOWTO – Start a dedicated server (on Epic Games)


Standard the dedicated server for Farming Simulator 19 on Epic Games sadly does not work.
You need to do some stuff to be able to start the “headless” server, in this video i explain what to do to be able to start a dedicated server.
In this video i assume that you installed both the Epic Games Store and Farming Simulator 19 in their default locations,
if you have a custom installation please replace the path with your install path.
I also assume you know how to port forward and configure your firewall(s).

Important files mentioned/edited in this video :
C:Program FilesEpic GamesFarmingSimulator19dedicatedServer.exe
(Frontend/Server Settings)
C:Program FilesEpic GamesFarmingSimulator19dedicatedServer.xml
(Server/Game Settings)
C:Users”Your username”DocumentsMy GamesFarmingSimulator2019gameSettings.xml

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You can find the webadmin to control your server on your local ip on port 8080.
You can find your local ip very easy by opening up the command prompt via your Windows start menu. Type in “ipconfig” and hit Enter. Look for the line that reads “IPv4 Address.”
The number to the right of that text is your local IP address.

If you want to know how to configure it after you’ve learned how to start it in Epic Games i suggest this video by Farmer Klein!

You need TWO accounts/pc’s to run a dedicated server and play at the same time!

Because of the way the game launches via EPIC, you can’t, i repeat, can’t restart or start the server via the webconsole!
Also don’t close the webconsole(dedicatedServer.exe), cause that will trigger a shutdown..
Only thing the console is good for on epic games, is to check the status!

We run a dedicated private server with the name “Tegridy Farms – CrankyGamerOG” on the Germany region!
This server is not passworded and free to join, we stream on twitch on this server!



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