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Playing Valheim, but want a more relaxed farming experience on something like a 2x, 5x or 10x sever? Well, you can install a simple mod that does exactly that. It’s super simple to get going and once it’s installed, you can define custom drop rates and stack sizes, as well as weight modifiers meaning you can carry more and collect more, faster.

BepInEx Install for Valheim:
Loot Multiplier:

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0:00 – Explanation
0:43 – Downloading BiggerItemStack Valheim mod
1:35 – Downloading Loot Multiplier Valheim mod
2:04 – Installing BiggerItemStack Valheim mod
2:34 – Installing Loot Multiplier Valheim mod
2:50 – Valheim Drop rate & Stack Size config
5:40 – Dedicated Server with drop multiplier?
6:16 – Installing on Dedicated Servers
7:22 – Valheim 4x drop & inventory
8:07 – Does everyone need my configs? YES!

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