DomainRacer VPS Server Hosting Install OS and Access Via Putty : 2020


In this tutorial we are going to learn how to acess VPS Server details,how to install OS on VPS server,how to acess VPS via Putty at DomainRacer.


1. How to Acess VPS Details:

Open your DomainRacer client panel.
Acess your active VPS Service

2. How to Install OS on VPS Server:

To install OS on VPS Serevr click on Install OS button from your Manage Product Page.
Then Slect the Particular OS which you want to install on to VPS.
Click On ‘YES’ Permission.and click on Continue.
Installation process take upto 5min.

3. How to Acess VPS via Putty:

Open your SSH client, in our case we’ll use PuTTY.
Enter your VPS’s IP as Host Name.
The Port should be 22.
Then, simply click Open.
You’ll see a warning screen, where you need to click “Yes” to confirm your access.
Now, the terminal window will open and you’ll see “login as:”, then simply enter “root” and hit Enter.
Then you’ll see “root@*your VPS’s IP* password:”. Enter your root’s password. (Note: for security reasons, the password will not be visible when you are entering it)
Then you should see “root@*VPS username* [~]#” and voila! You are now connected!
if you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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