Convert PSD to Elementor | Part 3 How to Get Domain and Hosting


No Coding/Design Skills required. Without wasting too much time, Convert a PSD to WordPress Using Elementor Fast and easily by following this setp by step Tutorial.
In this tutorial, I’ll show you everything on how to Convert a PSD file into WordPress Using Elementor. By Using the way you can Convert any kind of design file in to WordPress using Elementor.

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When you work professionally, Client will provide you a design file. You have to convert it in HTML or WordPress. Following the method you can convert any design file in to wordpress using Elementor.

⏰Timestamps for creating a WordPress website step by step ⏰
Step 1 – 0:00​ Website Overview
Step 2 – 2:45 Introduction and Steps
Step 3 – 3:35​ How to Setup Localhost on your pc
Step 4 – 7:59​ How to Get your Domain Name & Webhosting with 50% OFF
Step 5 – 18:00​ Setup Working Environment
Step 6 – 20:02​ How to Install Elementor Free Page Builder
Step 7 – 25:30​ Convert PSD to HTML
Step 8 – 25:33​ How to create banner section by following the design
Step 9 – 27:50​ How to Change the theme
Step 10 – 35:07​ How to create quote section
Step 11 – 37:56​ Create service section
Step 12 – 45:45​ Create status section
Step 13 – 48:27​ Elementor Counter Element
Step 14 – 55:20​ Create Portfolio section
Step 15 – 57:50​ Creating Filterable gallery
Step 16 – 1:08:51​ Client section
Step 17 – 1:13:27​ Elementor image carousel
Step 18 – 1:15:43​ Contact Section
Step 19 – 1:17:32​ How to create fully working contact form
Step 20 – 1:18:20​ How to use wpforms plugin
Step 21 – 1:25:57​ Footer top section
Step 22 – 1:34:21 Create transparent header
Step 23 – 1:36:24​ How to add logo to your site
Step 24 – 1:37:40​ Create menu and make it scrollable
Step 25 – 1:40:00 How to use Elementor header and footer blocks plugin
Step 26 – 1:51:55​ Create scroll to top button.
Step 27 – 1:55:40​ You finished, CONGRATULATIONS!!

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5 Million+ website owners started using the Elementor page builder. I’ll show you the easiest way to convert any design file to WordPress using Elementor Page Builder yourself.

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