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    This Edureka “Ethical Hacking Course” video will give you an expansive view into Ethical Hacking. This video will give you an exhaustive understanding on key topics of Ethical Hacking for beginners! Below are the topics covered in this Ethical Hacking tutorial:
    4:30 Early days of hacking
    5:40 The first computer worm
    6:33 Hacking in Popular culture
    7:47 Reason People Hack
    13:40 Types of Hackers
    19:39 Necessary Skills
    24:13 Types of Attacks
    32:03 What is Penetration Testing?
    33:23 Goals of Penetration Testing
    33:50 Results of Penetration Testing
    34:42 Scope of Penetration Testing
    39:25 What is Footprinting?
    42:49 Wayback Machine
    49:50 Using DNS to retrieve information
    51:30 whois and dig
    55:10 Hostname Resolution
    1:01:30 Finding Network Range
    1:05:14 Google Hacking
    1:09:40 Google Hacking Database
    1:12:13 History of the Internet
    1:17:40 TCP/IP and OSI Model
    1:25:20 UDP Packet Analysis using Wireshark
    1:29:54 Addressing
    1:31:48 Wireshark
    1:37:50 What is DHCP?
    1:41:35 Why use DHCP?
    1:43:05 ARP Protocol
    1:48:57 Cryptography
    1:49:43 What is Cryptography?
    1:51:06 History of Cryptography
    1:57:00 DES
    2:00:27 AES
    2:02:40 DES working
    2:03:11 Tripple DES working
    2:05:05 AES Working
    2:06:14 Types of Cryptography
    2:11:40 Public Key Encryption
    2:16:50 Digital Certificates
    2:18:40 Generating Your Own Certificate
    2:23:17 Hashing
    2:27:43 TLS and SSL
    2:29:01 TLS working through Wireshark
    2:31:00 SSL scan
    2:33:09 Disencryption on Windows and MAC
    2:35:43 Scanning
    2:38:00 What is Nmap?
    2:38:49 Nmap Usage
    2:48:14 What is IDS?
    2:50:20 Why evade IDS?
    2:52:29 PackETH Packet Creation

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