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Located on the banks of the river Rhine, Nuremberg stands tall amongst the other German cities. Nuremberg is the second largest city of the state of Bavaria, and its population of 518,372 makes it the third-biggest city in Germany.

TheServerHost Nuremberg Dedicated servers are among the most popular web hosting option for webmasters. As its name suggests, a dedicated server is reserved for a single user, rather than being shared with other users. A dedicated server features its own operating system, along with powerful hardware and powerful software that are unique to it alone.

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A Nuremberg Dedicated Server Hosting Account comes with its own IP Address. As we all know that when you host an online website, you are bound to be on the Internet. There is point in having a static IP address, right? That means you cannot change your IP address whenever you want to add or remove services from your site. To make things easier on yourself, dedicated hosting servers come with their own IP addresses.

Control Panel : It is relatively easy to maintain your Nuremberg dedicated servers. Unlike shared servers where maintenance can be a big burden, dedicated servers are actually quite easy to handle. The tools that come with dedicated server hosting are generally very good. These include the like Plesk control panel, cPanel and others. With these tools, you can manage your servers easily.

High Bandwidth : In addition to the above, it also comes with better bandwidth. Bandwidth plays a very important role in the success of your online business because without it, your site will not be visible to potential customers. With a Nuremberg dedicated server, you get the best of both worlds: a high bandwidth and a fast response time.

Reliable : One of the main reasons why many people choose dedicated servers today is because of the increased reliability and performance. There are no flaws in the hardware because it is all dedicated hardware. Web applications, scripts, databases, and other features of the website do not depend on any other applications on the machine. This makes it easier to fix bugs and to tune the machine to get the maximum performance.

Flexible : Another reason why Nuremberg dedicated servers are getting popular is because of the flexibility offered by them. Users are able to install as much software as they want on the server but they are not restricted. They can choose to install any third party software or even their own. The resources, however, are limited and these resources can be replenished from the operating system that is used on the machine.

Root Access : With TheServerHost Nuremberg dedicated server hosting, you also get full root access to your server. You can install your preferred software applications and tweak them to suit your needs. Moreover, you can change configurations at any time to tune the performance and scalability of the system. As compared to the shared web hosting scenario, you will enjoy a high level of security for your data in your Dedicated Server will be backed up on a daily basis by the server itself. This ensures that your data is stored securely. Security monitoring is an integral part of dedicated hosting and you will enjoy round-the-clock technical support, 24x7x 365 dedicated server monitoring, security patches and other services that are offered by the web hosting service provider.

High Performance : Performance is another key advantage of a Nuremberg dedicated server over shared hosting. With dedicated servers, you get guaranteed high performance. The reason why dedicated servers offer such fantastic performance is because they are physically separate from other websites on the same server. This improves traffic delivery, reliability and scalability. Dedicated servers are scalable to your business needs with ease and portability.

Nuremberg Dedicated hosting allows you to configure various options for application and operating system services. This gives you the ability to make the necessary configuration changes as per your business needs. The root access to the server, combined with the application services gives you the potential to fine tune the performance requirements as your business grows. With a well-maintained dedicated server, you will enjoy low resource usage which will minimize the impact of temporary Internet outages. With an uninterrupted bandwidth and guaranteed performance, you will experience reduced costs and higher returns.

In general, a Nuremberg dedicated server has a lot of advantages. The speed of execution, reliability, and flexibility make it a great choice for many websites. If you are looking for a new web host, then a dedicated server may be just what you are looking for.

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