AWS – Shared, Dedicated Instances & Dedicated Host Differences – EC2 Tenancy Models


This video tutorial explains you the difference between:
– Shared Instances,
– Dedicated Instances and
– Instances on Dedicated Hosts.

Don’t remain confused anymore. Happy learning.

ERRATA below —

5:05 – Instances from other customers or shared instances (from you) can’t sit on this physical host

7:48 – You need to pay for the full physical host, as you are blocking the full host.

UPDATE May 2017:

There is a change which happened in May 2017 as I am able to find out. Please refer following links to read further:


In May 2017, AWS declared that your application could be HIPAA complied even when you run it on Shared instances (you don’t necessarily need Dedicated instances anymore for HIPAA compliance). Post this, the other restriction has been dropped. Now, shared instances in your account can run on the host where your dedicated instance is running.

Earlier the isolation was from 2 things:
1. Instances of other AWS account
2. Instances which are not dedicated instances.


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