ATEEZ Discuss The Confidence & Creative Motivations Behind ‘Zero Fever


    While ATEEZ has had a worldwide focus since the start of their career, the K-pop group’s latest album makes the greatest statement yet for competing on the larger global pop scene. From its opening tracks, Zero : Fever Part.2 sees ATEEZ embracing the ambient, lo-fi hip-hop sounds that are prevalent in the genre today before transforming into the powerful, performance-ready K-pop that’s been a key part in developing the group’s heavily engaged fanbase. Both lead single “Fireworks (I’m the One)” and the assertive anthem “The Leaders” see the octet at their most amped up and should become key tracks in ATEEZ’s future setlists. Meanwhile, the mix of trendy genres permeates throughout the entire EP as the octet soak into vintage, shimmering synth-pop on “Take Me Home,” surging electro-pop on the uplifting “Time of Love” with unexpected gospel music making its way into hip-hop cut “Celebrate” for an influence rarely heard in K-pop handled with musical brilliance. Part.2 continues ATEEZ’s tradition of solid, genre- and mood-spanning records, but looks for additional impact with additional versions of both “Fireworks” and “Take Me Home” included; both tracks incorporating more English into them which will inevitably help reach more fans without compromising any artistic or musical goals. While ATEEZ’s musical focus is at international attention, the members themselves are diversifying the different ways they can reach their audiences. From acting to hosting to becoming more involved in the music itself, this group is showing that there’s much more to see both in and out of ATEEZ. Read on for what ATEEZ had to say about crafting their latest release including notes from the album creation, their outside work and messages to fans around the world. Jeff Benjamin: Hello, ATEEZ! Congratulations on your new album! You’ve been so busy while preparing, how is everyone doing health-wise? Yunho: First of all, we all worked hard for this comeback and we’ve prepared a lot for this album. So as much as we’re very excited and looking forward to it, we are doing and trying our best for our album promotion! And in terms of our health, we are always able to cheer up thanks to ATINY who always support us. San: My body and mind are very clear and healthy! It’s been such a great comeback because we are finally able to show ATINY what we’ve prepared. Jeff Benjamin: Zero : Fever Part.2 is coming eight months after your last album. How do you think you’ve grown musically in this time? Hongjoong: Considering the flow of our story, we thought that our lyrics and music should be more mature than Zero : Fever Part.1. So, we paid a lot of attention to the genre and instrument composition of each track and also tried to clearly express the message we wanted to convey through this album. Jeff Benjamin: In my opinion, this is ATEEZ’s most global sound yet. Were there any specific inspirations or goals you were thinking about while creating Part.

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