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Video 03 of 18 – Cloud Hosting.
Explore what Cloud Hosting entails, how it can be beneficial for businesses and the key factors buyers should consider when looking at Cloud Hosting. SAS can save you a week of your time and resources in choosing the best Cloud Hosting solution for your business’s individual needs, find out more:

What is Cloud Hosting?
Cloud Hosting is a general term used for storing data or applications in a third party data centre, either private or public providers such as Amazon or Microsoft.

How can Cloud Hosting be beneficial for Businesses?
Cloud Hosting can offer an abundance of benefits really that can greatly reduce the operational cost, the ease of management, the flexibility, the scalability of how things are rolled out and for predictable cost and billing scheme, it comes right out of your operational expenditure.

What key factors should be considered when looking at Cloud Hosting?
For me it’s important to have an understanding of the data centre tiers, they come from Tier One all the way up to Tier Four, and they offer similar levels of guaranteed uptime from 96.67 percent, and above. Tier Four is designed to host mission critical sub-servers, data and computer systems with a fully redundant sub system in place. Whereas your Tier One data centre is more for your simple, entry-level, small- to medium- enterprise systems.

How can you #SaveAWeekWithSAS?
Well we do all the homework for you guys. We search the market space, we find the right fit for the right organisations to make sure that they are best fit for you, and on average we can save organizations like yourself, about a weeks’ time finding you the best fit for the cloud solution partner.



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