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    The first video to be added to my playlist on website security. I thought I would start with WordPress security. This video will discuss the basics, secure hosting and password management. Some webmasters get security wrong from the very start by choosing an unsecured host. Choose a reputable hosting provider, in my case my sites are hosted by FastHosts. Use two-factor authentication and password management for logging in to control panels and WordPress admin.

    For those of you concerned with the audio quality, I have deliberately
    dropped the pitch of my voice to mask it. I will not do any work in
    front of the camera to protect my identity. The reason for this is
    because the content is sensitive and I cannot control who watches my
    YouTube and training videos. This is a small channel and production
    quality is not crucial for us, but the information is.

    Avoiding Big Brother eBook available on Amazon.
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    Author Brian Bladen
    Intro Music: www.bensound.com

    Thank you for watching this video on WordPress security and hosting/passwords.



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