WordPress localhost to Live – Move XAMPP site to Shared Host by DaveCoast.com – MiniMorsel


    Link to supporting post with zipped code for download near the end
    Here’s a 5 part plan to move your locally developed (localhost) WordPress site to a Shared Host live site (like goDaddy or HostGator – JustHost is used in this video).
    Here’s a 5 part plan to make it happen:
    1. Prep [Toolkit, Local Site Review, Future Site on Standby, Plugin Review]
    2. Local Site Export [WordPress Application, Database Export]
    3. Standup Future Site [WordPress Application Install (Same subDirectory or add .htaccess step), Database (and User) Create and Import]
    4. Future Site Activation [Edit wp-config.php, Set future values for Site Url and Home, Set future values for Post Content, One off fixes for special features/plugins]
    5. Wrap It Up [Verify Dashboard settings (including Themes, Menus and Plugins), Verify Site is Operational (including everything like links, pics and comments), Redirect/Verify Redirect (cPanel update of .htaccess)]
    You are now live – Yippee!!!
    ToolKit: Codex, FileZilla, cPanel, phpMyAdmin, wExplorer, Chrome, Notepad++, 7-Zip
    ( )
    Thanks for watching – code available at DaveCoast.com



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