WORDPRESS HOSTING COST: how much do you really have to pay?


How much should WordPress hosting cost? $5 or $100? ➡ Managed WP Hosting ➡ Start 14-Day Free Trial➡

With so many choices for hosting your WordPress website, and a wide range of pricing starting from as little as about $5 a month to as much as 100s of dollars a month, how much should WordPress hosting cost?

In this video we will:

✅take a look at the essentials needed for hosting your WP website
✅come up with an estimated cost before hosting your WP website
✅calculate how much a WP hosting costs

00:49 Essentials needed for hosting your WP website
00:59 How much does domain cost?
01:57 10Web, Kinsta, Cloudways Comparison Table
03:08 Security of 10Web, Kinsta, Cloudways
04:11 Backup of 10Web, Kinsta, Cloudways
05:05 Speed of 10Web, Kinsta, Cloudways
06:23 Services of 10Web, Kinsta, Cloudways
09:47 Calculation of WP hosting costs

➡️Let us know in the comments below, how much you think WordPress hosting should cost.

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