Vultr WordPress Setup (Your own cloud server with AWESOME speed)


In this Vultr tutorial we check out their high frequency cloud servers, with awesome results! Get started with a free 30 day credit referral to Vultr ➡️

This tutorial uses a combination of a Vultr high frequency cloud VPS, Plesk control panel (free version) and Cloudflare (free version) to deliver a great result.

If you’ve ever wanted to try setting up your own VPS in the cloud, this is a great method. I’ve tried several other self managed VPS providers, and I have to say Vultr has been my favourite experience to date.

The key to making this simple was combining the Vultr cloud server with the free Plesk control panel – this gives us a user friendly interface to manage our server. Using Cloudflare as our DNS and SSL has the bonus of giving us a nice free content delivery network, with some speed optimization tweaks too.

Finally, Plesk allows us an easy 1-click WordPress install, with nginx caching easily setup too!

If you’ve ever got tired of using shared hosting and wanted to try managing your own cloud server, this is a fairly simple way to get started.

Definitely enjoyed making this one!

0:00 Introduction – Vultr Cloud Servers
1:06 Vultr Setup
1:43 Vultr High Frequency
3:20 Vultr Plesk Setup
4:38 Vultr Domain Setup
5:20 Cloudflare Setup
8:08 Vultr Plesk SSL Setup with Cloudflare
10:28 Vultr Plesk DNS Setup with Cloudflare
12:23 Plesk control panel updates
13:54 Vultr Plesk WordPress Setup
16:16 Cloudflare speed optimization
16:36 Vultr Review – Performance Results
17:40 Vultr Plesk Virus Scanning
18:24 Vultr Plesk Backups
19:24 Plesk WAF (Web Application Firewall)
19:49 Vultr with Plesk and Cloudflare – Conclusions

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