Unreal Engine 4.18.3 Dedicated Server Tutorial (Steam / Advanced Sessions)


This video shows you how I got a dedicated server working on Steam with UE4 4.18.3 using the Advanced Sessions Plugin.

Please use these below jump points to get to relevant parts. The video is longer than it needs to be so I made these so you guys don’t get tired of me talking 😀 If anyone finds out how to join your own dedicated server on your own machine using Anonymous AUTH_LOGIN to Steam for the dedicated server, please let me know.

0:00:16 – Clone your project
0:02:22 – Generate C++ files for the project
0:04:20 – Download UE4 Source
0:06:52 – Run Setup.bat and GenerateProjectFiles.bat
0:09:14 – Switch your .uproject file to run with Source built version of engine
0:12:51 – Had some weird issue here when it has trouble launching the .uproject file with the UE4 source. Couple of reasons this can happen. Your plugins folder might be read-only. I resolved it somehow by just rebuilding the source and the .uproject file.
0:15:15 – AdvancedSessions logic for your server
0:18:50 – Make sure your Maps & Modes are setup correctly
0:21:30 – Make sure your DefaultEngine.ini is setup correctly
0:30:38 – Forgot to fix a line in my DefaultEngine.ini
0:32:40 – Forgot to attach the False logic of the Branch we made earlier
When your game packages successfully, make sure the .exe runs as you would expect.
0:38:32 – Create your GameServer.Target.cs file
0:42:42 – Generate Visual Studio project files on your .uproject
0:43:31 – How to resolve Steam Gametags overflow error (found this from a EPIC employee’s post here:
0:48:02 – Build the server with the DevelopmentServer option
0:48:57 – Server is built. Now you move some files
0:50:24 – Helpful logging I forgot to add in my DefaultEngine.ini for this video
0:52:40 – Forward 2 ports on your router
0:53:34 – Open ports on your Windows Firewall
0:55:29 – Running the dedicated server and Steam Master Server list
0:58:20 – Another change I forgot that I made already
1:01:35 – My basic Find Game logic for my game
1:02:50 – How to test your dedicated server is at least functioning using the “Open” command from UE4 console



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