The Ultimate WordPress Hosting Comparison (HONEST REVIEW)


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Tired of biased reviews that claim there is only one right hosting for your WordPress website? Then this ultimate WordPress hosting comparison is for you!

This video provides a totally honest review of the best WordPress hosting providers in every category.

Here is how the WordPress hosting comparison goes:

Best Managed WordPress Hosting
01:19 ✅What is a Managed WordPress Hosting?
02:03 ✅Pros of Managed WordPress hosting
03:04 ✅Cons of Managed WordPress hosting
03:48 ✅The winner of the Managed WordPress hosting category

Best Shared Hosting
05:00 ✅What is a Shared Hosting?
05:21 ✅Pros of Shared hosting
05:40 ✅Cons of Shared hosting
06:18 ✅The winner of the Shared hosting category

Best VPS Hosting
07:15 ✅What is a VPS Hosting?
07:42 ✅Pros of VPS Hosting
08:20 ✅Cons of VPS Hosting
09:00 ✅The winner of the VPS hosting category

Best Dedicated Hosting
09:28✅What is a Dedicated Hosting?
10:00✅Pros of Dedicated Hosting
10:05✅Cons of Dedicated Hosting
11:05✅The winner of the Dedicated hosting category

With managed hosting, you get your own dedicated server and also the company takes care of all the needs your website has.

Shared hosting is when you share a server – the place where your site data is retrieved from, with hundreds of other websites.

VPS hosting has similar attributes to both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Although you don’t have a server of your very own, you do have a server space isolated enough to pretend that you do.

Finally, a dedicated hosting is when your website has a whole separate server dedicated to it.

Check out the video to learn which type of WordPress hosting is best for your website.

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