SEO Ranking, Best Hosting, Astra 2.0, Pinterest Strategy, WP 5.4 – Tips Tuesday 2/11/20


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    Tips this week include:
    • The next 2 live sessions this week for the DIY SEO course on Technical SEO and rank tracking
    • What’s up with so many things breaking right now
    • Investing in your business for site success
    • How you might be doing more harm than good to improve your site speed
    • Why hosts are now contacting me for partnership opportunities
    • Why I’m celebrating pinning to Pinterest
    • What happened I when tried a new way of creating posts and videos
    • Where and why to use the sponsored tag on your links
    • What’s in the new Astra Themes 2.0 beta release
    • The huge leap Genesis is about to make toward full Gutenberg support
    • My take on a new bulk block converter plugin
    • A follow up on the Chrome 80 third party cookie tracking changes

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