How to setup a Namecheap Domain on Siteground Hosting


Today I am going to show you how to setup a Namecheap Domain on Siteground hosting. Siteground Offer:

This simple process will point your Namecheap domain name to Siteground, where you can use it to build a website. I also cover setting up a WordPress installation on Siteground.

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To get started you will need a domain name on Namecheap & a hosting account with Siteground.

1.Log into Namecheap and go to your dashboard.
2.Find the domain name that you would like to point to Siteground
3.Click on manage and find the nameservers section
4.Log into Siteground and go to your Cpanel
5.In the top left corner of Cpanel
6.Copy nameservers 1 & 2 from Siteground
7.Paste nameservers to Namecheap and save
8.Go back to Siteground Cpanel and click on add-on domains
9.Add your domain and create a password

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