How to: Self hosted VPS server – easy and free


WATCH ON 1.25 SPEED please and sorry for my slowness.
1.25 SPEED fix it xD

in video i forgot to mention: firewall, software you have to install and editing /etc/network/interfaces.
Text guide is updated with this 3 changes.

Learn how to make your own VPS server even with dynamic IP!

If you struggling, feel free to ask.

text version of guide (with small edits):

Free vps, really?

Summary what we gonna need:

1. computer lol –

2. bunch of free, opensource software

3. port forward

4. ram memory you spare / depends on what services u want on server

examples to run: webserver, bootstrap, ssh, VPN, gameserver, mumble, ts3, mail, rootkits, viruses and malware, home-netflix like server, masternode cryptocurrency etc..
joking dont host scamware


1. Virtualbox
sudo apt-get install virtualbox
or download from website for windows and mac

– Create new project machine by clicking NEW and give your server a name
– alocate ram and disk memory in next window and finish setting up.
– Click Start on machine and install your ubuntu server iso
– once installed, shut down server by typing “shutdown -h now”
– right click on your newly created server and choose settings
– set network settings to : Bridget Adapter and make sure correct
wireless device is selected

– start server again and type in server: ifconfig
and see your real local IP and use this IP in next steps when
setting up ports
– make your IP static by typing:

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
in order to make your IP static, locate “iface eth0 inet dynamic” line and change dynamic to static – note your interface name can vary.

– open your router config page and find Port Forwarding in advanced settings
– add new rule (forward port) 80 for webserver, port 22 for ssh etc.
make sure IP address correspond with IP address of your server and so that you are not
port forwarding your host machine or your phone by mistake, but your virtualbox server ip!
– choose tcp or udp protocol, based on your needs. TCP more stable, UDP might be faster. why?
TCP will accept only data transfer if the data itself are 100% correct whether UDP does not use that much sophisticated verifying system which results in faster connection, but also higher amount of corrupted packets which might result in lags.
– install firewall and open ports as well in firewall

– – verify your ports are open


If not:

create account on using temporary mail service (you can use mailinator or others but
they are most likely blocked and not going to work with and point your free subdomain name (or buy domain name) to
your server by providing your server IP and installing noip software, so that this program will detect when your IP change and will notify and update your settings for your subdomain automaticly.
As a result, you can now visit domain name you set earlier and access your server from outside world even when your ip change! If you decide to buy proper domain later,
just delete current subdomain and add new one and point it to your server IP.


if you need remote access to your server, install ssh on your server and forward your server ip in router and as a port set 22
then login to your server using ssh client from anywhere

OH, and you can install ubuntu-desktop for your server too but i think thats overkill

sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop
used websites: – dynamic DNS service – disposable email service



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