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We usually come across a situation where we wish to move our website from one webserver to another. This could be for the want of better performance or higher resource requirements. In such a case, migrating your website data efficiently is of utmost importance to avoid any loss of data.
Today we will see how we can migrate any website from one server to the other server.
Websites have become vital resources for any business today. Thus it becomes necessary that when you move your website from one server to another it is done seamlessly to avoid any conflicts or errors in future.

Let us see how we can migrate any website from one server to another :
Steps to perform in current hosting:
1. Login to the cPanel of your current hosting.
2. Under “File Section”, click on Backup.
3. Next, Click on “Download A Full Account Backup”.
4. Select “Home Directory” from Backup Destination Drop-down.
5. Enter the email address, where you wish to notify when the backup is generated successfully.
6. Click on “Generate Backup”.

Once the backup is generated, you will have to download the file from your home directory on your local machine (It will be in zip/rar compressed format).

Steps to perform in new hosting:
1. You will have to log in to the new hosting’s cPanel and follow the steps given below:
a. Under “File Section”, click on Backup.
b. Next, under “Restore a Home Directory Backup” Section, Click on “Choose File”
c. Select the file from your local machine and click on “Upload”.
d. Once file is uploaded, Go to “File Manager” and navigate to your backup folder which has been created.
e. Find, public_html folder and drag and drop it under your “Home Directory”.
f. Also, under “mysql” folder, download the database. (If your website has database associated with it).

2. Next, if your website contains a database you will have to create the database for the same by following the steps below:
a. Under your “Database” section, click on MySQL database.
b. Under “Create New Database”, enter the database name and click on “Create Database”.
c. Next, Add a Database User under “MySQL Users” Section,
d. Enter Username and Password. Click on “Create User”.
e. Next, under “Add User To Database”, select the user and database and click on “Add”.
f. To find your database file, locate
g. Next, click on phpMyAdmin and select the database name.
h. Click on Import → Choose the file from your Local Machine and click on “Go”
i. Make necessary changes in your website configuration to change the database name, user name and password as you have created in previous steps.

This is how you can easily migrate a website from one server to another.

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