How to Get a Dedicated VPN Server


Want to get the fastest speeds when connecting through a VPN? Need to avoid any disconnects from the Internet? Are you into live streaming, online gaming, or reporting from the field? With Speedify For Teams you can get dedicated VPN servers for port forwarding, static IP addresses, and improved speed and reliability.

Get a Speedify for Teams Account and Add a Dedicated Server:

*** Speedify’s current VPN server locations –

You can get a dedicated VPN server from Speedify in one of the locations above or you can self-host your dedicated VPN server.


1. Our dedicated VPN servers offer the potential of much higher speeds–up to 1 Gbp! Speeds are more consistent as well, since no one else is sharing the server.

2. Dedicated VPN servers provide a consistent IP address, great for those who want to whitelist their IP for certain secure services.

3. Speedify’s dedicated VPN servers allow port forwarding for those who need to run a server that can be reached from the Internet.

4. For each hour that your system is down, you get 1 day of free service.

Here’s how to get a dedicated VPN server with Speedify:

– Go to the Speedify Store page on our website.
– Select the “Team” account type and let us know how many users you need. Each can use Speedify simultaneously on up to 5 devices.
– Choose a billing cycle – we recommend the Yearly Plan, as you will be saving more than 50% when compared to the Monthly Plan.
Select the Dedicated Server option.
– Finish the payment for the Subscription Plan.

A member of our team will be in touch with you to confirm the details of the dedicated server – where it should be, which provider, etc.

If you already have a Teams Account with Speedify, login to your Teams Dashboard and click “Add a Dedicated Server” from the Servers page.

Get Speedify now from the Apple Store or Google Play Store – it’s free!



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