How to add a new domain to hosting on Namecheap in 2020 | Manage Domain Name Server (DNS) Namecheap


This video is about Domain Management and I showed how to add a new domain to hosting on Namecheap in 2020. After Purchasing a new domain, you need o setup DNS server to the domain name to host it in a hosting server.

To setup Domain on hosting, first we ha to login to our Namecheap account and then we need to open the domain list. From the domain list select the desired domain and click on the “Manage” button on the right side of the domain on list. From the “Manage option” you can set different domain setting like sharing & transfer, Advance DNS and many other settings. Next from the Domain section you will see “Nameserver” set the name server with custom DNS or you can simply select “Namecheap Web Hosting DNS’’ to set you default existing Hosting plan of Namecheap.

Custom DNS for Namecheap:

Learn in Details :

After setting Domain Nameserver either to “Namecheap Web Hosting DNS” or to “Custom DNS”
We need to click on the “blue right sign” beside the nameserver option to save it. We must save it to take effect. It may take upto 48 maximum but it is generally set in couple of hours.

Until the DNS is properly set you can’t processed website design procedure. So, the first step after domain purchase is to setup Nameserver from the manage domain section. For every domain name provider company the procedure all most same. If you need to set hosting plan from other company like GoDaddy to Namecheap’s domain then you simply need to select “Custom DNS from Namecheap Domain’s Manage Name Server Section and set it with GoDaddy’s DNS address.

That was the exact procedure to add domain to hosting on Namecheap in 2020. I hope that will help you to manage your Domain Name Server (DNS).

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