Hostinger Web Hosting Plans Explained | Shared Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS, Cloud Hosting


Sometimes choosing a hosting plan can be a struggle, especially when you’re a beginner. And it’s not surprising because there are quite a lot of choices: shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud Hosting, and VPS (Virtual Private Server). Of course, there might be other options but these are the most popular ones which I’m going to talk about. After watching this video you will have a better understanding of Hostinger plans.

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In this video, you will learn about four different plans of web hosting and for what type of websites of projects they’re good for. Here is a quick summary of all hosting plans discussed in a video.

🕒 Timestamps

00:00 – Introduction
00:53 – Shared Web Hosting
03:58 – Cloud Hosting
05:40 – WordPress Hosting
07:52 – VPS Hosting
08:52 – Summary

👇 Shared Web Hosting

It’s one of the most popular types of hosting – the perfect choice for beginners. It’s affordable and easy to use. At Hostinger we have 3 plans for shared hosting: Single Shared Hosting, Premium Shared Hosting, and Business Shared Hosting. With this type of hosting you will be sharing resources with other websites on the same server.

The first two plans are great options for blogs and business websites. If you want to host an eCommerce store I would recommend you choosing Business Shared Hosting. It has more resources that are required by such a type of website.

▶ Low cost
▶ No need for specific technical knowledge
▶ User-friendly control panel
▶ Pre-configured server options

▶ Traffic surges on other websites can slow down your website
▶ Little or no control over the server configuration

👇 Cloud Hosting

It’s a perfect choice for quickly growing websites or eCommerce stores. Cloud hosting has way more resources compared to shared web hosting. And talking about resources you will not be sharing them with anyone else like you would be with shared web hosting, simply because with Cloud hosting you will get dedicated resources.

It can handle more traffic and can run websites that require more resources. Using this type of hosting you can host large blogs, business websites, eCommerce websites, or any other similar type of website. At Hostinger we have 3 types of cloud hosting: Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Global. Each plan has more resources than the other, so if you will need to upgrade your plan you can do this with a couple of clicks.

▶ Little to no downtime
▶ Server failures have no effect on your website
▶ You only pay for what you use
▶ More scalable than other hosting plans
▶ User-friendly control panel – hPanel

▶ Root access is not always provided
▶ Hard to estimate the actual costs

👇 WordPress Hosting

If you’re 100% sure that you will use WordPress as your content management system then WordPress hosting is the right fit for you. It’s easy to use, it’s affordable, and it’s a great choice for beginners. This type of hosting is very similar to shared web hosting because you will be sharing resources with other websites on the same server. The main difference is that WordPress hosting is optimized for WordPress, that’s great news because your website will run fast and smoothly.

At Hostinger we have 4 different plans for WordPress hosting: Single WordPress, WordPress Starter, Business WordPress, and WordPress Pro. The first two options are a great choice for blogs and business websites. The last two options are fully capable of handling not just blogs or business websites but eCommerce websites (WooCommerce) as well.

▶ Low cost and beginner-friendly
▶ One-click WordPress Installation
▶ Good performance for WordPress sites
▶ Dedicated WordPress customer support

▶ Recommended only for WordPress sites.

👇 VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

This type of hosting is for experienced users, who probably already know what they are looking for. Using VPS you will get dedicated resources as you would get with cloud hosting but the downside is that you will lose the simplicity of it.

With this type of hosting you will get full root access so you will be able to install various operating systems and work on heavy-load projects. At Hostinger we have 6 plans for VPS hosting, the main difference between them is dedicated resources. Using VPS you can host any type of website or project.

▶ Dedicated server space
▶ Root access to the server
▶ Easy scalability and high customizability

▶ More expensive than other types of hosting
▶ Technical and server management knowledge is a must

Alright, so now you know the main difference between hosting plans and it should be much easier to decide which plan is the right fit for you. If you found this video helpful don’t forget to hit like and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Good luck on your online journey!🚀



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