Hosting Multiple Sites in a single Web Server by Domain Names on Windows Server 2019 [WEB SERVER 03]


This is the 3rd tutorial in the Web Server Series on Windows & Linux server both.
In our last video we have seen how we can host multiple websites on a single webserver using HTTP port no. but do we ever browse any website using IP address; Port no and all? Simply NO. We used to use a human readable name instead of IP and port no. If we want to browse google, we just type If we want to browse youtube, we type and so on. Today we will experience those practical things. Now let me introduce our today’s topic:
How can we Host multiple Web Sites on a single Microsoft IIS 10 Web Server, using DNS names.
What is DNS server?

The DNS (domain name system) is a network system of servers that translates numeric IP addresses into human-readable, hierarchical Internet addresses such as; etc.

What is Forward Lookup Zone?

When you type in your web browser, a DNS server searches in its forward lookup zone for the IP address of, and then serving it on your web browser. This is how you can access all the websites. In a nutshell, a forward lookup zone resolves the domain name to ip address.
the most common type of record is an A record or host record. The most usage of a Host record or A record is being seen in Web Site hosting on a web server. The basic function of DNS server which is domain name-to-IP address mapping, is taken care of this record.

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