Hosting Java Apps with Apache Tomcat


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    In this video, Shawn Powers covers how to set up a Java servlet engine with Tomcat to host Java applications. During the last part of the video, Shawn takes several questions from participants, including how to run an Apache web server and Apache Tomcat simultaneously.

    Shawn begins by walking you through installing Tomcat on Linux, the most common Apache host. He’ll walk you through each step and demonstrate how easy it is to execute this process. There are a few tricky steps, such as having to know where certain files are from memory so you can pull them up with command prompts, but Shawn will guide you through those and provide a few helpful tips for avoiding any frustration. He’ll also conduct a Q&A session with the live viewers, answering things like whether you can deploy a war file with a web host provider like DreamHost and whether Tomcat can be configured to use SSL. This is an information-packed webinar you don’t want to miss.

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