Hosting and WordPress Installation Step 3. Adsense Tutorial for Beginners


    Video 3 Of Adsense Training. Hosting and WordPress Installation

    • Step-by-step process we executed to generate over $120,000 in the past year and intend on using to generate over $250,000 in the next 12 months.

    • Exact tools and software we use to scope the hottest ads and content running within our niche that we can replicate to generate traffic & cash on demand.

    • Unique tracking system we use to manage over 10,000 creative and over 1,000 ad campaigns across several sites all under one platform (this is why we stay profitable comfortably and everyone else is struggling to keep their site running).

    • The highest converting ad-placements we have discovered after years and 6-figures worth of testing!

    • How to generate half a million unique page views in the first month running your site gaining you approval to every publisher network that will make you highly profitable (no FB ads involved).

    • Our top 3 publisher networks that are allowing us to see up to 200% ROI on each of our sites, not combined.

    • Why you never have to worry about losing a Google Adsense account again and how to create an account for every site you own .

    • Walkthrough: One of our sites that consistently gives us a 100% ROI for the past 6 months, the absolute ins and outs of that site and the ad campaigns that we have running 24/7.

    • LIVE ad campaign setups in our 2 hottest ad networks – this will include interest, geo, age targeting and ad creative!



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