Easy and local WordPress hosting with MAMP on Mac OS X Hosting #1


In this video you will learn how to install WordPress on your mac with mamp. It’s quite useful, because you can editor your page much faster than on a web server! This is good for theming etc. but if you really want to start going online, rather install your website online with this tutorial and hide it from user:

(in this video I show how to quickly set up a web environment on which you can install any application you want and is listed here!)

You can also use MAMP for Perl, MySQL Programs, Python hosting

Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, Redmine,
PrestaShop, Magento, phpBB,
SugarCRM, Vtiger, SuiteCRM, StatusNet, CakePHP, Zend, Twitter Bootstrap,
Code Igniter, phpMyAdmin, RockMongo, OpenDocMan, typo3, MediaWiki, Oxwall, Jcow,p H7CMS, PeoplePods, Beatz,

or blogging software like: Open Blog, Serendipity, Dotclear, b2evolution, Textpattern, Nibbleblog, LifeType, Pixie, Nucleus, Chyrp, eggBlog

Micro Blogs as:
Sharetronix, StatusNet, PageCookery, Storytlr,

Or you can install portal software like: Drupal, Joomla, PHP-Fusion, Concrete-5, CMS Made Simple, Zirkula, e107, Website Baker, PHP-nuke, Open Real Estate, oc Portal, Pligg, Subrion, PyroCMS, Mambo, Contao, Geeklog, SilverStripe, Typo3, sNews, jCore, ImpressPages, phpwcms, ImpressCMS, Quick.CMS, Silex, Monstra, Redaxscript, ProcessWire, SiteCake, Saurus, Sitemagic CMS, Mahara, Fork, Pimcore, Jamroom, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, Bolt, Pluck, Tribiq, razorCMS, BIGACE, Croogo, SEO Toaster CMS, Joomla 2.0 + VirtueMart, Jooma 3.3.6 + sh404SEF, SMF, AEF, Vanilla, PunBB, XMB, FluxBB, Phorum, bbPress, FUDForum, miniBB, MediaWiki, PmWiki, WikkaWiki,

Social Networking:
Dolphin, Oxwall, Jcow, PeoplePods, ph7CMS, Beatz, Elgg

Calendars: WebCalendar, Booked, ExtCalendar, phpicalendar,

Mail: Roundcube, phpList, SquirrelMail, WebMail Lite, poMMo, Webinsta Maillist, OpenNewsletter, ccMail

Polls and Surveys: Lime Survey, Piwik, LittlePoll, phpESP, Aardvark Topsites, Advanced Poll, Easy Poll, Simple PHP Poll, Open Web Analytcs, Logaholic, Little Software Stats

Project Management tools:
qdPM, Feng Office, eyeOS, Collabtive, ProjectPier, Mantis Bug, Tracker, PHProject, TastFreak, todoyu, Flyspray, phpCollab, Traq, SiteDove, Eventum, Admidio

E-Commerce: PrestaShop, AbenteCart, Magento, osCommerce, ZenCart, Loaded 7, TheHostingTool, TomatoCart, BoxBilling, Avactis, Quick.Cart, LiteCart, SimpleInvoices, CubeCart, OpenCart, AlegroCart, phpCoin, Axis, Open Source Point of Sale, CS-Cart, Blesta, SEOToaster Ecommerce, Zeuscart, Thelia 2, ClientExec,

Gaming: BlackNova, Traders, Shadows Rising, Multiplayer Checkers, WordSearch Puzzle

The acronym MAMP refers to a set of free software programs commonly used together to run dynamic web sites on servers running Apple’s proprietary operating system, Mac OS X:

Mac OS X, the operating system;
Apache, the Web server;
MySQL, the database management system (or database server);
P for PHP, Perl, or Python, all programming languages used for web development.

In this video you will be introduced to the installation process and all basic settings of MAMP for mac.

You will learn how to blog very easily, even if you are a bloody beginner, I provide WordPress Video Tutorials. Learn how to install wordpress, all about the theme of the month and how to customize wordpress!

Have fun!

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