Cloud Hosting for Government Agencies: Drupal Platform as a Service [October 18, 2012]


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Over the past couple of years, government agencies have been rapidly adopting Drupalβ€”an open source social publishing solutionβ€”because it embraces openness, transparency and visibility. Drupal’s modular framework allows for a scalable and collaborative environment while maintaining the reliability that every government site depends on.

We will discuss our Cloud Solutions for the government sector. Unlike many other cloud offerings, Acquia Managed Cloud is a fully managed cloud hosting platform tuned for Drupal performance. Architected to meet the needs of large sites, Managed Cloud scales with your dynamic, content-rich Drupal sites so you can focus on building great web experiences.

Attendees will learn:

β€’ How the ten layers of our PaaS are optimized for Drupal
β€’ Key considerations for moving your website to the Cloud
β€’ Real-world stories of Drupal adoption by Government Agencies
β€’ How this cloud solution meets DIACAP, FISMA security standards and complies with the FedRAMP program
β€’ How agencies can have extra security layers such as virtual private clouds to achieve security and control requirements



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