Battle of the Clouds: Public vs. Private Cloud Hosting | Fpwebinar


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Recording of the first in our new cloud hosting webinar series. “The Battle of the Clouds: Public vs. Private” webinar is an informal, educational chat about the differences between the shared cloud model and the dedicated cloud model.

Each “Fpwebinar” discusses a common Cloud concern that modern businesses face. We examine the advantages and disadvantages to either side and help you identify what works best for your business. Each webinar concludes with a Q&A section with Steven and Jamal.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to get started or a way to set up your environment to grow with your business, you’ll learn which cloud can take you there.

And public and private clouds aren’t the end of the story! By hosting your cloud with a hosting provider, you can benefit from their enterprise security, performance and support. Learn how hosting your cloud can help your business while keeping you in complete control and free to customize.

During this webinar recording you will learn:

– Clear definitions for shared & dedicated clouds
– The plusses and minuses of each environment
– How to choose what’s best for your business
– How to achieve unlimited customization & control
– Where a hosting provider can help

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